Top Features

  • Automatically export orders and create invoices, shipping labels and prepare for accounting
  • Manage digital products and deliver them to your customers without any manual assignment
  • List products und automatically synchronise your stock levels


Billbee is an online tool for sellers for automating all your processes that took a lot of time when done manually.

Billbee will read in all orders and products from your store. You can connect to many other marketplaces to have all data in one common place.

With Billbee you can do a lot of things:

  • Creating invoices and delivery notes. You can send them automatically by mail to your customers.
  • Create shipping labels with many supported carriers.
  • Inform your customers about the shipment and provide shipping numbers and tracking links
  • Read payments from your bank account and align them with your orders.
  • Manage digital products. Billbee provides a customisable customer portal for downloading digital files and the invoice.
  • Prepare your data for accounting. Billbee supports a lot of different export formats like DATEV and CSV and has some automatic connections to accounting services like Debitoor and Bilendo.


Developed by

Billbee GmbH


Pay per use model – you pay €0-39 per month depending on the usage

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