Data Here-to-There

Top Features

  • Synchronisation of inventory and prices to your suppliers
  • Automatically add new products from suppliers
  • Automatically hide discontinued products


Data Here-to-There connects your dropship suppliers to your store. Most suppliers provide CSV or API based data which is hard to understand. We handle the technical details, placing the products into your store and keeping them fresh.

Stock levels and pricing are kept up-to-date to match your supplier. This helps you to avoid oversells, add new products before your competition, and eliminate manual data entry mistakes.

We work with you to understand your supply data and provide a solution that works for your store. Here are some of our features.

  • Dynamic repricing to add your own margin
  • Map category names from your supplier to your store
  • Create rules to automatically curate products from your suppliers
  • Import images and resize for page load speed
  • Optimise your product data for SEO
  • We connect many suppliers including BigBuy, Banggood, D&H, Ingram, Synnex, Wholesale2B, and more!

Our system processes thousands of products every day from a wide variety of suppliers. This ensures that our clients’ inventory data is fresh and there is no danger of the dreaded oversell.

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