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SEO text for your website

greatcontent produces SEO texts and guaranteed unique content for your website. As one of the market’s leading content providers, greatcontent’s unique content ensures your site will become a prime destination for internet search users looking for your company’s products or services.

We produce creative and focused writing, promoting e-commerce and online marketing in a way that truly connects with customers while recognising their wants and needs. But there is a science behind our creativity; our strategy ensures online customers always reach your site first. Search engine optimisation underlines the work that we do – beautifully written copy serves no purpose if no one reads it. Our approach, which takes into account keywords and SEO methodologies, ensures your customers reach your site first. We apply a strict focus to all the work we do. From promotional destination texts to press releases, blog entries or informative articles, our writers will create the optimum text that best serves your business needs.

Our expansive pool of content writers comprises of freelance content writers who consistently produce work to the highest standards. Perhaps you are specifically searching for one writer who can create perfect category descriptions that best suit your products. greatcontent’s writers produce thousands of texts of all varieties every day, from hotel descriptions to online travel content, a brand promotion text or a blog entry. Our content writers operate from all over the world.

Our product

greatcontent is an online platform which provides unique and optimised web content for thousands of clients. We specialise in delivering SEO texts and unique content. Our professional writers are able to provide you with as much text as your website requires, from one short piece to over one thousand entries.

greatcontent quality assurance

Keywords are a vital part of SEO text production. We ensure that your selection of keywords and your text’s specific keyword density requests have been fulfilled before a writer is able to send a text to you. You can ask a writer to use a specific number of keywords, or a range or a relative percentage of the total word count. Keyword usage is also flexible, you can set whether plural forms, alternate endings, and synonyms can be used in your order, to ensure the text specifically reflects your wishes.

To save you time when it comes to quality control management, we utilise an automated three-step plagiarism check to be absolutely sure your text is unique online copy. Our automatic plagiarism check not only guarantees unique content, but also saves our clients the need to check work themselves. We also cross-check the texts with our internal database to ensure that writers continuously produce original work.

Our in-house editorial team comprises experienced proofreaders and editors who oversee quality control during the production process. All of our writers are strictly selected: firstly through an initial sample text, then through a continuous assessment of their work. We always guarantee excellent copy writers for our clients.

Whether you require English (British, American or International), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Russian, Spanish or Swedish content, greatcontent has the language your business needs to help it grow. greatcontent also offers translation services; our skilled and experienced translators are ready to translate your text into whichever language you require.

greatcontent AG provides an easy to use per word pricing model. Texts need to be a minimum of 20 words, otherwise requests will be charged at the minimum of 20 words. Formating and or HTML (where required, and subject to additional project costs) are part of the word count. To take advantage of greatcontent AG’s service clients need to register for free at greatcontent website (.com, .fr etc) and prepay their account to the value of the request or €25.

  • All prices are in Euro except English UK (pounds), English US (dollars) and Brazilian (reais).
  • Our services are VAT free if you are a company with a valid European VAT number (excluding companies based in Germany) or a company based outside Europe.
  • All prices are in cents per word.
  • We apply a base fee of 30 p. / 30 ct. $ / 30 ct. / 90 ct. R$ per text.
  • Should a client require translation of their briefing to another language, this can be done also for €25.
  • Proofreading services are available for €0.015 per word, and copy editing for €0.025 per word. Both services only provided when copyrighting or transcreation services are procured through greatcontent AG.
  • Contact greatcontent for translation and transcreation services, Pricing available on request.

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