Top Features

  • Import products
  • Map categories
  • Publish to Marktplaats Admarkt


Why Marktfeed?

  • Dedicated tool for Marktplaats.nl
  • Real-time product imports and updates
  • Costs and budget insight, CPC variations, real-time statistics
  • Extensive category mapping with support for advanced rules
  • Simple set-up and easy to use interface, for every shop owner
  • Excellent Dutch, English and German customer support
  • No setup-fees, no contracts
  • 14 days trial, Only €29 / month

Product flow

#####Connect to Marktplaats Admarkt##### Easily link your existing Marktplaats Admarkt account safely to Marktfeed. You will keep your own Marktplaats account (data) and invoicing between Marktplaats and your shop will remain like you’re used to. If you don’t have an Admarkt account yet, you will receive €50 free credits from Marktplaats. The voucher code will be send to you after you register with Marktfeed.

Automatically import your products from your online shop

Simply connect your shop using the available plug-in with Marktfeed. Your products will automatically be imported from your shop. Marktfeed has an easy to use interface which allows you to import your products without technical knowledge.

Map your categories

With our smart mapping tool you only have to map your categories once. The Marktfeed mapping tool will support you with the mapping and for advanced users it’s possible to define advanced rules. Our extensive category structure ensures you’ll create good quality ads by using the right properties associated with your products. This way your ads will get found easier and you’ll get more traffic to your website.

Publish your ads on Marktplaats

Within the Marktfeed interface your ads will automatically be generated using the product data from your shop. You have complete control over your ad placements on Marktplaats from your Marktfeed cockpit. Aside from organised management of your cost-per-click, budgets and ad statuses, Marktfeed has some more useful tools which will make you happy.

Goal reached: real-time product synchronisation and statistics

Marktfeed has a real-time connection to Marktplaats: this means that your ads are always up-to-date according to your product inventory in your online shop. You have access to real-time statistics which will be mailed to you monthly. Use Marktfeed’s UTM-tagging tool to measure your results and sales within Analytics. Now you’re using Marktfeed as a handy tool to automate ad placements on Marktplaats and to optimize your sales!



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30 days for free, €29 per month

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