Pixc - Product Image Optimizer

Top Features

  • We provide you with clean and professional images that are optimised to increase your sales
  • Save time and money editing your product photos
  • Your product images will be returned within 24 hours, always


Pixc provides on demand product image editing and optimisation for your online shop.

Pixc will edit and remove the background within 24 hours, making your product photos look professional so they stand out.

Did you know 67% of online consumers consider clear, high quality photos to be more important than product information AND customer ratings?

How we can help

#####Increase your online sales##### Give your photos a professional look with a white background and touchup.

Fast delivery

Your time is valuable, so send us your photos and we’ll have them looking great in under 24 hours.

Cost effective

The first image is free to make sure you are happy with the quality.

How it works

  1. Snap!
    Take a photo of your item.

  2. Upload
    Select and upload your photos via your computer or Dropbox.

  3. Sell online sooner and increase your sales
    Your image will be ready and back to you within 24 hours which means you can sell your products sooner.

See what we can do for you. Upload your free trial at www.pixc.com



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