Sales Analytics App

Top Features

  • View the most important statistics for your shop
  • Find out about your shop’s most popular products
  • Explore the key performance indicators conveniently on a dashboard


The free sales analytics app by ePages offers you various interesting statistics about your shop’s sales.

A convenient dashboard shows you your revenue, the number of orders as well as the top-selling products. That way you are always provided with the most important sales information. You can also choose a timeframe to view the data for a specific period.

The app also delivers details on sales, products and customers.

For instance, the app delivers answers to these questions:

  • Which day saw the biggest revenue and the highest number of orders?
  • What is the average revenue per order?
  • Which products were ordered the most?
  • How much revenue did a specific product bring?
  • Which products were sold together most often?
  • Which customers were responsible for the highest revenue?
  • How many customers placed an order repeatedly?

By using this data, you gain valuable insights to make your shop more successful.



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