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Top Features

  • Easy integration of your online shop into WordPress
  • Compatible with almost all WordPress themes
  • Equips you to easily meet all legal requirements


Selling made easy: Turn your WordPress.org site into an online shop with the 1&1/ePages plugin.

Sell and promote your products on your WordPress website

Are you running a WordPress website besides your online shop? Then you now sell your products there with ease with our powerful e-commerce plugin.

Advantages of the 1&1/ePages Online Shop Plugin

  • Easy integration: With just a few clicks, e-commerce functionality is added seamlessly to your WordPress site.
  • Proven back office: Rest assured that your shop administration area is fully optimised. Manage products and orders, payments, shipping and taxes with ease.
  • High compatibility: The 1&1/ePages Online Shop plugin works brilliantly on any WordPress site and is compatible with most frameworks and themes.
  • Selling safely: The plugin equips you to easily meet all legal requirements and delivers a secure check out process.

How to get started

  • Explore how your WordPress website could look like with the 1&1/ePages Online Shop Plugin in this demo
  • Install the free plugin and hit the ground running in e-commerce. Please read our detailed article for guidance.
  • We answered the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

Please note: The availability of features may depend upon on the specific 1&1 plan you have chosen.



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