A network of highly flexible shops

With ePages Multistore you can create a network of online shops providing versatile options to collaborate with other parties or sell your products within multiple shops to different target groups.

Advantages of ePages Multistore


Self administered

Larger manufacturers or procurement organisations can collaborate with smaller merchants easily. Connecting their centrally operated master-shop to a local shop enables their partner merchants to showcase accurate product catalogues and drive their sales successfully.


Centrally managed

As a further option, larger merchants can operate multiple storefronts all controlled centrally in the administration of a master-shop. This can be an ideal solution to take specific needs of different target groups into account, e.g. when selling to both a B2B and B2C customer base in tandem.


Shop network equipped
with ERP integration

To minimise any complexity that can arise from the management and collaboration of multiple shops, the master-shop can be connected to an ERP system seamlessly. This ensures smooth order handling as well as keeping all parties up to date at all times.

ePages system partners

In order to set up and implement a Multistore project, ePages system partners are there to help. With their great expertise, they can handle the configuration and customisation of the sales network to accurately fit your business and IT infrastructure.

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